Thursday, March 27, 2014

Masterclass: Lighting Masterclass 1st edition review

Last weekend we completed the first edition of the Lighting Masterclass and it was a huge success. We had people from all over the world, from countries such as USA, Canada, Spain, UK, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Mexico, France and Poland.

It was an exhausting weekend as we finally were talking about lighting for over 11h.!! For next classes I will definitely adjust the timing and don´t let it go beyond 10h, including the Q&A that were happening after each Lecture.

I had a blast doing the class and after so much time collecting information and preparing it, finally being able to put it all together and seeing that people enjoyed it made all the effort completely worth it.

I enclose some of the reviews from the people attending the class.

"An awesome and inspiring class that will take you to the next level, regardless of your previous experience in 3D lighting. I really recommend this Masterclass!".
"This masterclass really got me to the core of lighting. It mainly focuses on the creative side of visual storytelling with light. By outlining hundreds of examples I really internalized, understood and enjoyed the lectures. From basic to pro - I would recommend this to everybody!".

"The masterclass it was very educational.
I learned a lot, although I do this job, Edu is very prepared, very useful tips and manages to explain complex concepts very clearly.
I really appreciated the material prepared by Edu, his scenes are of a strong visual impact."

"I loved the class, It was very inspiring for me and it covers every important aspect of lighting that we should never forget."
"The Painting With Lighting Masterclass is one of the best courses in Lighting that I have ever taken. Edu is a master of his craft, and the amount of information he has prepared for this class is outstanding! He covers everything from the physics of how light works, all the way to Lighting feature films, and what makes an image beautiful.

The class is set up very well and has a relaxing atmosphere. Edu is very easy going and there is no such thing as a stupid question for him. If you don't feel comfortable asking a question over the microphone, you can type it in the chat box and Edu answers all questions from the chat as well.

I would highly recommend this Masterclass to anyone with no prior knowledge of Lighting wanting to learn about it as well as to those more experience lighters that are making their way into feature film and want to increase their knowledge of Lighting!"
"I really enjoyed the way the information is broken down. Made lot's of things clear in my mind and gave me great perceptive over different aspects of lightening for CG. "
"Ironically, lighting for animated films it's a very obscure subject, making this a very unique opportunity to learn from someone that worked on such important films. Great artist, great teacher and a great person!. Thanks Edu!"


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